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Written by Ryan. Costello, Jr   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 15:09
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Modified Neceros' Character Sheet by Jason Weatherly

     This one is really going through the ringer, being tested using a 6th level summoner (as suggested by Ogre in Paizo’s unofficial chat). For the uninformed, one of the summoner’s class features –eidolon- is like a highly customizable arcane version of a druid’s animal companion. That one class feature is more complex than the rest of the summoner class. Despite that, Modified Neceros' Character Sheet handles it very well. It handles animal companions better than any other generic character sheet I’ve seen. Would it handle a 20th level summoner? Could any character sheet?
     The character sheet does not follow the standard template as much as it appears. It combines info on class with hit points, which is pretty smart. It tracks the three different types of AC in an extremely clear manner. Skills take up a lot less room than usual but provide more room to explore. By the second page, there are so many areas to include and clarify miscellaneous bonuses that even a character with +1 moral bonus on Will saves against fear effects and a +2 racial bonus on Will saves against illusions has room to note this clearly.
     Sadly, Modified Neceros' Character Sheet has a major problem. It has autocalculations that would be a great help if: 1) they weren’t so buggy; 2) there was a manual override. Say I take the Defensive Combat Training feat, which lets me use my character level instead of my BAB to determine my CMD. Modified Neceros' Character Sheet won’t let me do that. It is programmed to use my BAB and that’s all it knows. Since a majority of feats are exceptions to the game’s skeletal rules, not being able to deal with exceptions definitely hurts Modified Neceros' Character Sheet. Worse, there are programming errors, like treating a small creature’s size bonus to AC as a size bonus to CMB/CMD as well.
     As a database, Modified Neceros' Character Sheet has fatal flaws. However, when printed out and filled in manually, it is a great character sheet, especially for classes Mediakorento’s Pathfinder Character Sheet can’t handle.