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Written by Ryan. Costello, Jr   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 15:09
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Pathfinder Character Sheets – Round II
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Page 5 - Modified Neceros' Character Sheet
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Eric Williamson’s Pathfinder Character Excelerator

The first of our interactive character sheets. From the description on the Pathfinder Database: An Excel-based character sheet that incorporates all Open Game Content related to Pathfinder in an easy-to-use, small package. Class abilities and feats are automatically update and summarized on a single page. The sheet also includes OGC from various contributing 3rd-party sources (including 4 Winds Fantasy, Alluria Publishing, Super Genius Games, and The Legend of the Shining Jewel). Please note that this is a beta version and is still under active development/testing.
Big promises make me interested in Pathfinder Character Excelerator’s potential.

Mediakorento’s Pathfinder Character Sheet

Definitely a looker, but is this just a beach bimbo or a Rhodes scholar supermodel? From the Mediakorento website: This Pathfinder roleplaying game compatible character sheet has four pages of tracking goodness for all characters.
* All necessary combat options and skills on first page making the sheet very easy to use.
* Page for basic character information, possessions, class features, feats and more.
* Spellbook page usable with all type of casters, divine and arcane.
* Additional page for more spells
* All this with colorful background art.
* Fillable fields

Modified Neceros' Character Sheet by Jason Weatherly

After the first Pathfinder Character Sheets review, Neceros –who scored relatively high- took my advice and created a second, interactive character sheet. From the description on the Pathfinder Database: Take Neceros's character sheet, add some Acrobat magic, throw in some automagical calculations and contain it in a PDF file. This sheet is based off of Neceros's 1.1.2 character sheet and lets users spend more time on their background versus trying to figure out each block.

PF-2 by Tricky Bob

The character sheet with the most intriguing name. Intrigue can only get you so far, however. From the description on the Pathfinder Database: Landscape Excel Pathfinder Character Sheet {looks better in 2007, mail me at tricky dot bob at sky dot com}

The Pathfinder Character Portfolio by Wicked “K” Games and Louis Porter Jr Design

I already reviewed a character sheet by Louis Porter Jr Design. In fact, I tore it apart for what I felt was a lazy product with false advertisement. Although this character sheet is distributed by LPJ Design, it was actually designed by Wicked “K” Games. Abridged from LPJ Design’s homepage:
This is not just another updated sheet from 3.5 to Pathfinder Role Playing Game, this new design was taken from the suggestions of the Pathfinder Role Playing Game online community.  Using half sheet printing, you can print what you need and leave out the stuff you don't!  Here are a few of the innovative new features included in this sheet:
* The main page is split into a condensed sheet for used during gameplay, and a sheet for adding up totals separate.
* The inventory sheet includes a diagram for slotted magic items, as well as slots for kits/tools and containers (handy for an alchemist or rogue). Landscape and portrait orientation.
* The traditional classic "Racial Trait, Feat/Flaw, Class Ability" sheet has been broken into half sheets for building your own sheets based on preference.
* A fully functional adventure log / campaign journal.

     The timing for this second review works perfectly. Paizo’s open playtest for the six new base classes in the upcoming Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guide providing non-standard classes to push the limits of these character sheets.